Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions


Choose Your Own Path to Professional Growth, Ministry Formation and Networking from More Than 120 Breakouts, PreConferences, and Daily Networking Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Workshops are offered over four rounds: Round ARound BRound CRound D. Each 75 minute session focuses on specific knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by ministry professionals and volunteers who have a basic to moderate experience levels in ministry.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives are 2.5 hours sessions presented by nationally respected leaders after the lunch breaks on Friday and Saturday. The additional presentation time allows attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into the topical theme. These are excellent sessions for the more experienced ministry leaders to attend. Two are presented on Friday and two on Saturday. Note that attendance at Deep Dives will prohibit your participation in the Networking sessions provided on those days.

Thematic Categories

There are several thematic Categories woven throughout each of the four rounds of breakout sessions. These categories focus on particular ministry themes and/or settings. Cstegories include:

·     Evangelization

·     Parents and Families

·     Young Adult Ministry

·     Prayer and Worship

And many more...

Networking Sessions

Daily Networking sessions are an intentional time for leaders and volunteers to gather with other colleagues by topical areas to share ideas, questions, and resources around specific needs, interests, and/or ministry focus. Twenty different sessions are offered each day according to the focus areas below. Attendees are free to attend any cohort group of their choosing each day. 

  • Thursday, December 6 from 1-2:15 pm – by cohort group

  • Friday, December 7 from 4:00-5:00 pm by hot topic or issue

  • Saturday, December 8 from 3:30-4:15 pm by cohort groups to share great ideas, resources and conference takeaways.


Start your learning and growth before the conference begins by participating in one (or more) of the seven pre-conferences being offered. Options will provide attendees with additional time to engage, explore, and discuss with presenters the topics at hand. Most have an additional cost connected to them and require registration ahead of time (which can easily be added to an existing registration).

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